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Why Choose Tracy Wick

& the Property team?

After 20 years in real estate, Tracy knows the biggest issues that home sellers face.

She developed the Seamless Sold system and has cultivated a powerful property team to take the burden off the seller – and to get your house sold for top value.

From repairs to landscaping and staging, every solution is crafted to meet your needs and achieve the best outcome.

Challenges of Selling Remotely

There are many reasons why a person would sell a house out of state.

From work moves, to selling a second home or to deciding to become a full-time snowbird, selling a home out of state can present problems.

Tracy and her property team can meet the challenge.

She understands the unique issues posed by selling your home remotely.

The Tracy Wick Property Team can help you with:

Presale Preparation

Before you put your home on the market, you want to make sure you are attracting retail buyers and not bargain hunting investors.

Depending on the condition of your home, this may require staging, repairs or even renovations to create the emotional connection that traditional buyers are often searching for.

Tracy and her Property Team are perfectly positioned to complete all the necessary presale details.

Securing the Property

Without an owner present, the house and its contents are at a greater risk of damage by theft and vandalism as well as disasters related to power outages and extreme weather.

With her vast experience, Tracy and her team know the most effective measures to protect your home so that it can be sold for top dollar.

Winterizing and Maintenance

Unkempt landscaping or unshoveled snow are indicators that no one is living in the home.

Vacant homes are a major target for theft and vandalism.

Tracy’s property team includes landscapers, project managers, and more to ensure that your home is properly maintained.

The Seamlessly Sold Difference

Using the Seamlessly Sold system, Tracy and her team provide a streamlined, turnkey program for absentee owners who need to protect, prepare and sell their home quickly for maximum value.

Let Tracy and her team of experts handle it for you.

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Hear What Clients Have to Say

“In short, Tracy Wick was our lifesaver.

Selling a property from out-of-state is a difficult task. Tracy made it so much easier by facilitating our every request…

Her knowledge of the current real estate climate was so important…

Job well done Tracy!”

-Cheryl W.


“Tracy Wick from Keller Williams was outstanding in selling my parents home.

I highly recommend her and her team who excel in customer service and knowledge of the housing market.

The home sold after a week. She worked with different family members who were not all located in Michigan.”

Jackie R.

(North Carolina)

“Tracy helped immensely with the challenges of selling a former rental property that required her to coordinate with several contractors on our behalf. She spent countless hours dealing with many little things that take time, such as obtaining a certificate of occupancy from the city.

Tracy was well organized, developed and recommended excellent courses of action and strategies, and was always prompt and pleasant which greatly reduced the stress we had concerning the property.

We will be using her services again for a future property sale.”

-Steve R.


“I believe my clients deserve to realize the maximum price when it is time to sell their home.”

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Consult with an ABSENTEE HOME SELLING Expert

Tracy Wick, Tracy Wick Property Team

Tracy Wick is a 25 year veteran real estate consultant and broker offering a personalized, concierge-level service to those who want a seamless ‘hands off’ approach to preparing, staging and selling their home quickly.

Tracy has worked with out-of-state home sellers seamlessly providing a full-service experience. From maintenance to repairs to staging, Tracy and her team have the expertise to manage it all.

How Are We Different?

  • Our Seamlessly Sold program is a complete solution! We manage content distribution, estate sales, PLUS real estate maintenance, marketing, staging and sales.

  • Compassionate and capable, we have been trained in the ‘Fundamentals of Estate Administration’ by The Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) and are accredited Seniors Real Estate Specialists (SRES).

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Find out EXACTLY how Tracy can help you sell your home for top dollar.

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