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What Is Downsizing? | Downsizing Your Home Meaning

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Downsizing your home can mean moving from a larger residence to a smaller one OR rightsizing to a home that aligns with your needs. Here are some reasons that motivate homeowners to downsize –

  • Members of your family have moved out and you no longer need such a large home.
  • For health reasons, you desire a one level floor plan.
  • Retirement – you want to live near family or in a warmer climate

Often times, downsizing means you must pare down your belongings so everything can fit comfortably in your new home. Or, if you are moving to your second residence, it is usually fully furnished, so you just want to move a few items and sell or donate the rest.

There are many benefits to downsizing, including:

  • Less maintenance – When moving, you can choose a condo or a new home with less maintenance
  • More money – The money saved on living expenses can go toward travel, hobbies & quality of life
  • Fewer chores – Less square footage means less cleaning
  • Energy efficiency – If you choose a newer home, you can benefit from reduced energy costs
  • Reduced clutter – Downsizing your house gives you the perfect reason to sell and donate what you don’t need
  • Carefree living – With a home that is designed for easy one level living, daily life will be more enjoyable

Many homeowners choose to downsize at some point in their lives. Regardless of your reason for downsizing your home, Tracy Wick Property Team can help you every step of the way. We can sort and sell your contents and home fast and for the best prices.

How to Downsize? | Downsizing Home Checklist

When you decide to downsize, you might realize you have more stuff than you thought. This downsizing home checklist has a few easy steps to help you get started:

  • Budget: Create a budget that reflects your current expenses, the projected expenses at your new residence, and your moving expenses.

  • Think big-picture: Consider furniture items and appliances. Determine what will fit in your new residence.

  • Sort through your items: Think about what you need and donate, throw out, or sell clothes, books, and more.

  • Sell what you don’t need: Tracy Wick and her team can help you sell your unwanted items at estate sale prices.

Tracy Wick Property Team can help you downsize. Tracy has a team to sort, assess, and sell your items so you don’t have to worry!

How to Downsize Your Belongings | Downsize and Declutter

One of the most crucial steps when downsizing your home is to downsize and declutter. These tips for downsizing can help you maximize the space in your new residence:

  • Establish decluttering rules: Sort everything into four piles — keep, undecided, sell, and throw away. Go through the undecided pile again after sorting everything. You can get rid of anything that you don’t use or is easily replaceable.
  • Measure your furniture: Sell anything that’s too big for your new home and use the money to buy smaller replacements.
  • Take it one room at a time: Start with the rooms you use the least. Sort your items, then pack and clean the room before moving to the next one.

Why Choose Tracy Wick Property Team? | The Seamlessly Sold Difference

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Tracy Wick has seen it all. She knows the biggest issues downsizers face and has crafted the Seamlessly Sold method to help you downsize and sell your home as quickly as possible.

The Tracy Wick Property Team uses a three-pronged real-estate marketing system to get your home sold quickly for the best price and terms by ensuring it looks as good as possible to prospective buyers. The system works by:

  • Completing budget-friendly home improvements
  • Creating stunning digital advertisements
  • Professionally staging your home

What Are People Saying About Tracy Wick Property Team?

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about working with Tracy’s team:

“It was time to downsize and I knew I needed to…get mine on the market…It not only sold in 48 hours, but I had 4 offers, all over the asking price. Tracy is a partner who works with you every step of the way. She gets the deal closed”

-Carole W.

 “My wife and I appreciate all of Tracy’s effort and advice on getting our house sold. My wife even found some decorating inspiration in how she staged our house and applied it to our new place”

Gene & Kate

Downsizing Your Home With the Tracy Wick Property Team

Working with Tracy Wick Property Team makes downsizing your home straightforward. Tracy has mastered reliable strategies to sell your home quickly at top value. The team takes the stress out of selling your home and contents and doesn’t cut corners.

You’ll work with a project manager, professional cleaner, handyman, builder, landscaper, stager, and photographer who manage the entire home-selling process for you. Schedule a consultation today to start working with one of the best real estate teams in Southeast Michigan: Tracy Wick Property Team.

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